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About Me

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Jenny Nelder

For the last 25 years I've worked for companies, the NHS and the University of Cambridge. I've led small teams of 2-3 people up to large teams of 30 plus. 


  • Senior Director of Business Administration for Cyted Ltd.

  • Project Manager for 2 large-scale (€6m & €12m) EC/international consortia, an MRC mental health pathfinder project and a UKRI/CRUK Innovate grant.

  • Stem Cell Institute Co-ordinator at the University of Cambridge

  • Project Manager at a large product development and technology management consultancy.

  • Contract Negotiation Group Manager at the Research Services Division at the University of Cambridge

  • Venue/Conference Manager for a Cambridge college

  • Conference Manager for the NHS and Department of Health


My Approach

Over the years I've learnt that there are a few key things one needs to do in order to provide outstanding operational and admin support and to run successful events. 


Being friendly, approachable, calm, hard-working and pragmatic all help. In addition: 


  • A thorough understanding of what your client/employers need.

  • Outstanding personnel management - your team are key to your ongoing success. 

  • Understand the business from the bottom up - understanding the existing processes (and their weaknesses) is key to improving them.

  • Don't be afraid to start again if the process in place is not working. 

  • Innovate. Use modern technology and systems to get rid of as much of the tedious data entry and repetitive paperwork as possible. This frees staff up to work on the business instead of drowning in boring chores.

  • Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Nothing beats hard work and commitment! 


My Motivation

To put it simply, I get great satisfaction from providing efficient, effective operational support. I love setting up and running efficient administrative teams and systems. 


I like a variety of work that makes good use of my diverse skill-set. Whether it be running an event, setting up a new admin team, improving someone's systems or putting in place some marketing, I love to see my work help a business grow and thrive. 


If my job is done well and my client is happy then we all win. 


What I Don't Do

I don't run weddings and parties and I'm not a PA!  I already run around after 2 children, a husband,  3 cats and 3 rescue dogs so I like to have a change and a challenge at work!


What do I charge?

That depends on the length of contract and the work required. I provide a clear up-front quote so that you are in control of what work I do for you and when. 


In my Spare Time

When I'm not working or spending time with my family I relax by gardening (I'm a keen amateur gardener), making jewellery, drawing or going to the gym. I also do voluntary work. I was a School Governor at Chesterton Primary School for 5 years and  a Welfare Officer at the Cambridge Tennis Academy for 2 years and have also volunteered for a dog rescue charity. 

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