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Whether it is communicating with your staff internally or trying to reach out to your customers, newsletters (if done well) can revolutionise the way you engage your audience. I have copious experience of setting up and running professional electronic newsletters that focus attention where you want it and get results. 


From corporate brochures which showcase your business's achievements to product brochures that display your goods. I can help create a brochure that meets your needs. I can help write content and edit submissions so the end result is clean, clear and accessible.


Small businesses in particular don't need to pay a fortune to have a website custom-built for them. With today's modern technology makes building and maintaining a website is simple and straightforward. I can help set up a website (from design through to build and input of content) that you or your admin team can maintain in the future. 


Case Study:

Homerton Changemakers

Digital social media
Social Media

Some businesses don't need any fancy websites or marketing materials but in today's online world a social media presence can be very important. It is also a very cost effective way of reaching out to existing and potential clients. For example I can help you set up a simple Facebook page which can be very effective if set up well. 

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Case Study:

CLIMB Project

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Case Study:

International Stem Cell Banking Initiative

Creating an advertising campaign that is cost-effective and reaches your target audience can be a complex process. I've run international marketing campaigns and local event advertising. From signs on buses and press articles to radio and TV coverage, I can help you advertise effectively and without breaking the bank. 

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