Operational & Admin Support

Operational Support

Project Management

I have been the Project Manager for 2 major EC funded scientific consortia (€6m & €12m) and an MRC pathfinder grant on mental health (£1.5m) and an Innovate health grant. I understand the challenges of running complex projects. It is vital to ensure that the project plan is well written, that milestones are met, that reporting is done correctly, the budget is tightly managed and that the project finishes on time. Setting up effective management systems and building a strong relationship with all of the participants is key to ensuring a productive project and successful outcome.

Office Systems and Processes

Many small businesses find that as they grow either their old systems get creaky or a lack of a system means they can't cope with their increased workload. I'm an expert at putting in place user-friendly office processes that are idiot-proof and cost very little or nothing. I've also built various organisations simple, straightforward Access Databases that help with various tasks, from conference management to office work-flow, and have trained staff in-house on how to edit and add to them to help as the business changes over time.  

Operational Consultancy

Are you trying to grow your business and think your existing team structure/systems aren't working or won't work as you expand? I can assess your existing team structures/systems and work out how best to amend them to fit your expanding business (with minimum fuss!). 


Experienced Administrator

You started your business by yourself and you've been doing all the admin...in order to grow your business you need to free yourself up to work on what you are passionate about. You are nervous about taking on someone because you don't want to commit to a large number of hours, you haven't got office space for someone and you are worried in case you have to spend hours telling them what needs doing... Don't worry. I can work with you (usually remotely), at times to suit you, take over some of your admin, set up systems that work and help your business grow and thrive.

Senior Manager Cover

Perhaps you need to cover a Management role whilst they are on holiday/long term sick leave. Perhaps your business has grown and you need someone to recruit good admin support or provide your existing team with some focus and direction. I can help. I am happy to come and support you in your office, just as a temp would. 

Complex Document  Creation

I am extremely experienced at putting together large-scale and complex grant applications, proposals and reports. I am used to gathering submissions from contributors spread globally. I understand the challenges of putting all that information into the required format, in a coherent style and in time for a tight deadline. I have a number of tried-and-tested systems/methods for ensuring this complex process comes to a successful conclusion.

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